Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The most widespread mosquito viral disease in the world is dengue which infects up to millions and millions of people a year.Many people include many doctors mistake for DHF influenza and flu likes diseases.It often goes untreated until symptoms become severe and the patient goes into shock once they knew it. Most who die of dengue are the children under the age of 15 and below but adults is also at risk too.The large spread cases of Dengue are found in Asia.But we have ways on how we can prevent and protect our self from Dengue.

Three Steps to Prevention

1. Eliminates Breeding Sites

a.Keep containers outside home and dry the gutters.
b.avoid hanging the clothes in the dark.

2. Protect Yourself From Bites

a.always use pajamas.
b.warn children not to play near still water.

3. Seek Treatment

a.see doctor if you have flu accompanied by fever and rash.
b.encourage anyone suspected of having a dengue to contact the nearest health center.

These simple precautions can help and protect us against dengue.Be conscious enough to our health and to our surroundings.

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