Thursday, May 21, 2009


How can we fight cancer? There is no way we can fight it but we can prevent it
by doing the right routine of our life and have a healthy living.

Yesterday, I've talked to my mother in-law and she told me that her best friend have been diagnosed of stage 3 ovary cancer.She is very affected but she doesn't show it because showing that she is pity for her best friend doesn't help the patient instead she is going to frighten her.Having love ones who have cancer is not easy.We also feel the pain that the patient is going through.I know it because I also have uncle who died of cancer.It very hard to accept it but we must.This is the reality of our life.The only thing we can do is to know on how we can control it and how we can prevent it.
Eating the right kind of food and complete rest help us to have a healthy and strong body.These is the best way we can do to fight the killer cancer.Let's pray for those who suffer cancer.May they survive with there battle in life.

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