Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The signs are unmistakable.Scratchy throat,watery eyes and stuffed-up head.It maybe the misery from the common colds.But there's no cure in sight because an effective drug or vaccine would have to work against so called cold viruses.But the researcher have been able to zero in effective ways to reduce of catching a cold.

Here are some of the best way you can do to prevent cold.

1. Wash your hands as often as you can.
most colds are transmitted through indirect contact such as holding hands with the person who have colds.

2. Keep at least three feet away from coughers and sneezers.
you should at least have a distance with the person infected by diseases such as cold so that we can prevent for having colds.

3. Sterilize your sponges.
lots of colds can be caught in the kitchen.The best ways to prevent is to put the items in the dish-washer and always make sure that you sterilize it with hot water.

4. Drink plenty of fluids.
they help flush germs from our body and avoid dehydration that often accompanies colds.

5. Get good night sleep every night.
to keep our immune cells powered up and it help us to fight to have from diseases or so called colds.

These are some simple steps that we can do to prevent to have colds.


  1. Garlic Tea, is the herbal remedy for a cold, but I have found if you can sense the cold coming, or a strong fear of a cold, it always goes away if u have a garlic tablet, or some garlic powder in your tea.


  2. thank you for the info.I really appriciate it.