Saturday, May 23, 2009


There are some sign that we can tell if we are pregnant.Here are some of the signs and their meaning:

1. CESSATION OF MENSTRUATION = is missed of menstruation of a women.The women are usually have their monthly period however if they missed their period they might be pregnant so we should consult our doctor for assurance.

2. MORNING SICKNESS = This symptoms is usually appears on the 6 weeks of pregnancy.It's appear in the morning,the woman feeling nauseated and dizzy.The feeling passes off in a few hours.

3. CHANGES IN THE BREAST = In the early weeks, the woman experience a sense of tension and pricking sensation in them.After the second month, the breast begin to increase in size as they continue to enlarge.The color of pink become dark brown.

4. CRAVING-MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL CHANGES = The appetite of the pregnant women is increase and unconquerable desire for peculiar foods.They also experience of changing moods and disposition.They also get easily excitable and morbid.

5. URINARY DISTURBANCES = In early weeks of pregnancy, the enlarging uterus by exerting pressure on the urinary bladde, may cause of frequent urination.

6. ENLARGING OF THE ABDOMEN = Foregoing signs and symptoms is gradual enlargement of the abdomen.However, a sudden increase in size is sign of abnormality that could be too much amniotic fluid or maybe also means of multiple pregnancy or what we called twins.

7. SKIN DISCOLORATION AND ABDOMINAL STRIAE = Irregularly-shaped,yellowish patches of various sizes appears on the face and neck,the condition is called chloasma or skin discoloration, which usually appears after delivery.

These are some signs that we can see and we can feel if we are pregnant.

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