Thursday, October 15, 2009

What Email Function Are You?

You Are Send

You are confident, assertive, and a real go-getter. You like to take action.
You know that things won't get done unless you do them, and you're always willing to take the first step.

You're the type of person who applies for jobs you may not get and initiates friendships with strangers.
You believe that life can be full of wasted opportunities if you're not careful. You rather do too much than do too little.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


The power of a hug

It has been proved that showing affection strengthens growth and positive development in people. We all need physical contact to feel good, and one of the most important ways of physical contact between two people is hugging. Who does not need cuddles in this society that is becoming ever colder, more competitive, that compels us to be more individualistic, more personal-goal oriented...? When we hug, we receive an energy feedback. We bring life to our senses and reaffirm the trust in our senses. Sometimes we CANNOT find the right words to express how we feel, and then hugs are the best way to say it. We need four hugs a day to survive, eight to preserve ourselves, and twelve to grow. A hug makes you feel good. The skin is the biggest organ we have and it needs a lot of love. A hug can cover an extensive part of the skin and provides the massage you need. It is also a way to communicate. It can convey messages for which you have no words. We can always resort to the universal language of hugs. The Power of Hugs
Hugging achieves many things that you might never have imagined. For example:
  • It feels good
  • It dissolves solitude
  • It defeats fear
  • It opens the door to sensations
  • It improves self-esteem (wow, he or she wants to hug me!)
  • It encourages altruism (I can't believe it, but I want to hug that person)
  • It delays aging (those who hug age more slowly)
  • It helps reduce appetite (we eat less when we are nourished with hugs and when our arms are wrapped around others)
More benefits from hugs:
  • It is environmentally friendly (it does not damage the environment)
  • It preserves energy
  • It is portable and requires no additional machinery
  • It does not require a special place to do it (an adequate place to hug)
  • In any place such as a conference room, a church or a football field
  • It makes happy days even happier
  • It gives us a sense of belonging
  • It fills the void in our lives
  • It is still effective even after the hugging has finished
  • It strengthens and increases our ability to share
  • It harmonizes the hearts of friends
Hugging creates some form of addiction to tenderness, to altruism, to happiness...

Just as laughter, it is highly contagious! Whatever your hug may be, let it always come from the heart, not from the mind.
Come up with new ways of hugging.
Give your hugs interesting or funny names.
Become a full-time "hug therapist."
Be always ready to offer a hug to someone.
Observe the other person and always be careful of his or her personal space.
Do not try to impose your vision or philosophy on others.
A hug does and says very much.

Hug your friend, your loved one, your kids, your parents, your pet...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Where Do You Think Best?

You Think Best While You're Driving

In order to be able to think, you need to be able to have time to think. Problem is, there isn't a lot of time for that in your life.
When you are driving, you are finally able to let your mind wander. And it wanders to some pretty interesting places.

Depending on the conditions, driving can make you feel elated, relaxed, or even frustrated. All of these varying emotions spark a lot of revelations.
While the thoughts you have while driving may have a lot of noise in them, there's definitely some insight to be found.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What Length Hair Should You Have?

You Should Have Long Hair

You are assertive and bold. You lead when others follow, and you're not afraid to go after what you want in life.
Your hair tells people that you are powerful and even a little vain. You want to be respected and admired.

You can be a bit self-absorbed at times. You can't help it... you're in love with yourself!
You are good at getting your way. All it usually takes is a well practiced flip of the hair.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What's Your Primary Mood Color?

Your Primary Mood Color is Blue

You are a sensitive and reflective person. You have a good intuition for emotions.
You can sense what people are feeling and even sometimes what they are thinking.

You communicate well, and you're also a good listener. You cherish your friends, and every word they say is important to you.
You are always there for the people you love, and you expect the same in return. You crave deep connection and understanding.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


You Are South
Like an islander, you are friendly, easy-going and welcoming. You are always looking for good times and new friends.
People admire that you are so caring and hospitable. The world would be a much better place if more folks were like you.

Sometimes you come across as a little too complacent. You tend to avoid conflict at any cost, even if it makes you uncomfortable in the process.
You make an ideal diplomat. You know how to put people at ease and how to promote peace.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


In an extraordinary world described by Imelda Marcos, the end of the Cold War began with an adoring Chinese leader's kiss of her hand.

Her famous extravagance was actually a sacrifice to inspire the poor masses of the Philippines.

And her husband, Ferdinand Marcos, was definitely no dictator.

"I have been so misunderstood," Marcos declared during a wide-ranging interview inside her two-storey penthouse apartment overlooking one of Manila's wealthiest suburbs.

Indeed, the former beauty queen's recounting of her life sounds more like a wonderful fairytale than the one tarnished by greed, corruption and power-lust that many outsiders associate with her.

"My dreams were small and puny with the realities that my dreams became," Marcos said as she sat in her main living room surrounded by a stunning array of jade statues and photos of her meeting world leaders.

But at age 80 and with Monday next week marking 20 years since her husband died, the former first lady is acutely aware that not everyone believes in her fairytale, and for many the Marcos story is more akin to a horror movie.

"I don't want to be remembered as a criminal," she said candidly while discussing her legacy.

Indeed, she admitted to remaining driven in the twilight years of her life by her desire to clear the muddied Marcos name.

Ferdinand Marcos ruled the Philippines from 1965 to 1986, holding on to power for nearly half of those years thanks to the use of martial law, a compliant military and powerful backing from the United States.

During that time, the woman famous for her shoe collection allegedly conspired with her husband to steal billions of dollars from the people they governed and preside over widespread human rights abuses.

Their rule finally ended after millions of people took to the streets of Manila, key military chiefs joined the masses and the US government helped them escape the angry hordes by flying the disgraced couple to Hawaii.

While Marcos stated that the fact she had never been convicted of any crime should prove she did nothing wrong, she revealed that the endless barbs about her supposed greed continued to cut deeply.

"Every time they put out a biography on Mrs Marcos (they say): 'Oh! She's beautiful!, Oh! Extravagant! Oh! Jewellery. Oh! Shoes," she said.

"What a pity to talk about the superficiality of all this and not the soul."

Sitting with a Picasso hanging on her living room wall, Marcos insisted that her penchant for the finest things in life was aimed at setting an example for the poor.

"My role as first lady was to be a star and a slave. To set the standard because mass follows class. And so I had to enslave myself so that everyone becomes a star," she said.

Marcos insisted she appreciated the poor masses of the Philippines.

"I envy almost everybody, I even envy the beggars in the street because they don't steal, they humiliate themselves to be beggars," she said.

Marcos also defended her phenomenal travels around the world when she was first lady, during which time she undoubtedly was an influential woman, but perhaps not as powerful as she remembered.

One of her proudest moments was her meeting with communist China's revolutionary leader, Mao Zedong, at the height of the Cultural Revolution and Cold War in 1974.

She said that despite big differences between the pair -- with Mao an ageing warrior and her a beautiful representative of a US-backed Asian government -- she paid respects by offering her hand.

"He took my hand and kissed it... And that was the beginning of the end of the Cold War. Because the Philippines was America junior... do you see how serious that was?"

While Marcos's critics may accuse her of self-delusion, a recurring theme during the interview was her complete certainty that she did no wrong and that all criticisms against her were baseless.

"I knew I was on the side of the right and truth. And if you are on the side of the truth, and you are peace with the truth, you are at peace with God," she said.

To the critics of Former first lady Imelda Marcos, let us give Imelda Marcos a chance. She is old enough for the criticisms that she received. She suffered so much.

Let God decide for all that she had done.