Saturday, May 23, 2009


There are several ways of measuring body temperature and there meaning:

1. ORAL = Oral temperatures may be taken in older children who can hold the thermometer,without biting,under their tongues, with their lips closed. The oral thermometer, which has a long bulb at the end,should be left inside the mouth for 3 minutes.
The normal oral temperature ranges from 36.6C - 37.5C.

2. RECTAL = Rectal temperature gives the most accurate reading and is the best for babies younger than 2 placed on the back of the infant with the knees bent toward the chest.Put lubricate or petroleum jelly and gently inserted into the anus for 1 inch deep.Hold the thermometer for 3 minutes then remove it and wipe to read the result.
The normal rectal temperature ranges from 37C - 38C

3. AXILLARY = Axillary temperature is the safest way to take temperature.It's only taken in the armpit and held for only 3 minutes.
The normal axillary temperature ranges from 36.6C - 37.5C.

4. TYMPANIC = Tympanic temperature is using the ear thermometer or ear scan placed inside the ear canal.It is an easy and convenient of taking body temperature but it is not safe for the babies because of their small ear canal.
The accuracy is diminished with temperatures over 40C

These are the ways we can know our body temperature just in case we or our children are sick.

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