Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mankind's 13 Deadliest Diseases

I have read a column that we have 13 most deadliest diseases of mankind and I am very shocked and afraid.From smallpox to HIV,mankind has struggled to eradicate pandemics. We've compiled a list of history's 13 worst pandemics to keep you educated on our past,so we know how to respond and react if we encounter this kind of diseases. Im going to show you everyday some samples of each diseases and there look so that you are aware.Remember a few months ago when A/H1N1, i.e. “swine flu,” was going to wipe out all of humanity? Do you recall how every single time you turned on the T.V., a talking head would chatter nervously about how “Hamthrax” and “Snoutbreak” was about to really cook everyone’s bacon?

Fortunately, swine flu has largely oinked-out with nowhere near the destructiveness of its earliest prognosis. As far as outbreaks go, it was small and mostly non-lethal, but swine flu did have the potential to do significant damage, to become something bigger, to evolve into a pandemic. AllHealthcare decided to look into our pandemic past to discover clues to our most recent pig-plague scare.

So, what is a pandemic anyway? Pandemic is a Greek word (pan: all, demos: people) that means, “Widespread or general,” it describes an “epidemic that spreads over a large geographic area infecting a sizeable proportion of the population.” The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes a pandemic after these three conditions:

• Disease is infectious to humans
• Disease emerges that is new to a population
• Disease spreads quickly and sustainably between people

There have been victims of disease since the very beginning of human history; death was a natural and often early part of our ancestral past. If unwelcome, death was at least typical. But occasionally these diseases were so virulent and powerful that they threatened to eliminate entire peoples. These outbreaks were anything but typical. From the Bubonic Plague to HIV, mankind has struggled to understand, control, and eradicate these mass deaths. Where we have failed and they have won, we’ve witnessed a pandemic. AllHealthcare have compiled a list of history’s 13 worst pandemics to keep you healthily educated on our past. Read on, stay hygienic, and whatever you do—avoid these next 13 killers like the plague.

These are some samples of the diseases and there looks:

1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

Originating in Africa, the disease was transmitted from monkeys to humans and then began its deadly global spread. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, “HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This is the virus that causes AIDS.

HIV is different from most other viruses because it attacks the immune system. The immune system gives our bodies the ability to fight infections. HIV finds and destroys a type of white blood cell (T cells or CD4 cells) that the immune system must have to fight disease.” AIDS is the final and deadly stage of HIV infection. More than 25 million people have died of Aids since 1981.

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