Sunday, March 29, 2009


Today the whole world is suffering because of the ongoing global crisis.
Many countries has had their companies and establishments closed because of it.
The employees are most affected because of the layoffs due to financial crisis.

We cannot deny that our fellow Filipinos are most affected because there are a lot of Filipino people working abroad now, and its going to be a problem for them because of the ongoing massive layoffs. Many of my friends are worried because they might lose their jobs if they come home for a vacation.

An established bank in the USA declare bankruptcy and because of that a lot of people and companies are affected. So if you want to help fight the global crisis you should know how to cut off the big bills that you are paying.

Examples on how to fight global crisis:

1. Switch off lights or appliances when not in use so that your electric bills will go down.
2. Stop using credit cards because they have hidden charges that add on your monthly bills.
3. cook the exact amount of food that you need to consume so that you can save food for the next meal.
4. don't buy expensive items when you can buy that item for less in another store.

These are some examples that you should know so that you can help to fight global crisis with less stress.

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