Thursday, July 30, 2009


My daughter Ashley ask me to cook a food because she is going to join the contest in their school which they called "NUTRI- MOMMY CONTEST". I have no idea of what kind of food that i'm going to cook but at the last minute I decided to cook a a dish which they called " Dynamite".

Here are the ingredients and step by step procedure on how to cook "Dynamite"

cheese, lumpia wrapper, mayo
ham, long green pepper, catsup

Get long green pepper,slice it and remove the seeds and wash it with water to remove the spicy taste.Slice the ham and cheese and put it inside the long green pepper and wrap it with lumpia wrapper.set aside all the ingredient an get a pan and put an oil and then put the Dynamite in the pan and make it golden brown then remove the dynamite in the pan and serve it with dip of mayo and catsup.

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